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"Then I gathered for myself staves and props and bars, and handles for all the tools  I knew how to use, and crossbars and beams for all the structures which I knew how to build, the fairest pieces of timber, as many as I could carry. I neither came home with a single load, nor did it suit me to bring home all of the wood, even if I could have carried it. In each tree I saw something that I required at home. For I advise each of those who is strong and has many wagons, to plan to go to the same wood where I cut these props, and fetch for himself more there, and load his wagons with fair rods, so he can plait many a fine wall, and put up many a peerless building, and build a fair enclosure with them; and may dwell therein pleasantly and at his ease winter and summer, as I have not yet done. But he who advised me, to whom the wood was pleasing, may bring it pass that I shall dwell at greater ease both in this transitory habitation by this road while I am in this world, and also in the eternal home which he has promised us..." 

~Alfred of Wessex~


This epitaph is quoted  in his own words, explaining what he tried to do as the first King of the English kingdom.

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